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About Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do

Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art where children and adults alike can learn self defense, improve fitness, develop self discipline, gain confidence and, most of all, have fun.

One of the many great aspects of Taekwon-Do training for kids and adults is that it isn't seasonal.  Both get fantastic physical exercise and conditioning no matter what time of year it is.  The discipline, respect and leadership training is yet another of the incredible benefits of Taekwon-Do.   Regardless of the age of the student, the lessons learned translate into greater success in life.   Taekwon-Do is also one of the only sports in the world where parents can participate right alongside with their children.  Many of our students are family members.  Whether they are father and daughter, sister and brother or mother and son, the bonds that develop are strong enough to last a lifetime. 

Unique among many martial arts classes, our class provides a friendly, caring environment where students can learn and grow within their own abilities.  Whether the student is an elementary school student or 50+ in age, there is a place for them at Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do.  Our students are encouraged to compete first within themselves, always striving to be the best they can while still having fun.    

We invite you to stop by one of our classes to see how we embrace all ages and all levels of ability. 


  Head Instructor

Ms. Jennifer Barnett

Head Instructor

V Dan

Taekwon-Do Is Great For

Parents & Children


& Siblings Too.